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OLES PTA Meeting 
Thursday, February 7, 2019

I.    Secretary-Approval of Minutes (Randi Johnson)

II.    Treasurer’s  Report/Budget (Adrienne Campbell)
        a.    Amend Budget

III.    VP of Membership Report (Wendy Seymour)

IV.    VP of Programming Calendar and Upcoming Events (Courtney Grilli)
        a.    Committee Reports 
                i.    Past Events
                        1.    Boosterthon Fun Run (Allison Quaresma)
                        2.    Health & Wellness Night 

                ii.    Ongoing Event
                        1.    Enrichment (Sunita Rasmussen)

                iii.    Upcoming Events
                        1.    Pastries for Parents (Randi Johnson)
                        2.    Lucky Bingo- (Sheri Alova)
                        3.    Tricky Tray (Katie Heiser) 
                        4.    Teacher Appreciation (Chairperson Needed)
                        5.    Bike Rodeo (Chairperson Needed)

V.    Other Committee Reports
               i.    Scholarship (Randi Johnson)
               ii.    Volunteers (Sheri Alova)
               iii.    Box Tops (Jill Wright)
               iv.    Folders 

VI.    School Updates from Dr. Reese

VII.    Questions/Comments/Suggestions


Next Meeting March 7, 2019

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